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What does Psychotherapy accomplish?


  • Focuses on chronic or recurrent problems

  • Long term therapy, either continuous or intermittent over many years

  • Feeling and experience focused

  • May include testing (such as personality, intelligence), talk therapy, other therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy

  • In-depth focus on internal thoughts/feelings (core issues) leading to personal growth



    When You May Wish to See a Psychotherapist 

  • You have problems that are significantly impacting your life and relationships

  • You are coping with past trauma, or believe situations in the past may be playing a role in your current issues

  • Your present issues are chronic or recurring concerns

  • You have a chronic medical condition (such as autoimmune disease, cancer, etc.) that is affecting your emotional well-being

  • You have a diagnosed mental health condition such bipolar disorder or a major anxiety disorder





“As a therapist, I have a responsibility to be kind, giving, respectful, and caring toward all humanity.”

~ Martha Medina, LCSW/ Grace Integrated Solutions, LLC